I Am the World's Only True Neo-Nazi

A Nazi Sympathizer's Apologia for Adolf Hitler

If Hitler had won World War II, he might now be venerated as the greatest hero. Today many are puzzled by how a whole nation could have come under his spell. But there's nothing puzzling about it. People have always wanted to agree with those in power. Your smug belief that concentration camps (Konzentrationslager, KZs) are evil is nothing but a reflection of your cringing desire to serve the strong. I have no doubt that you'll change your mind about Nazis being evil as soon as the majority does.

A key difference between fascism (totalitarianism) and democracy (freedom) is that fascism is deliberate and clear in intent. A democracy is aimless and out-of-control. According to transportation statistics, there are roughly 6 million crashes, 3 million injuries, and 40,000 fatalities on US roads each year. They are conveniently downplayed because no one can be held accountable. The contemporary ideology holds that it's somehow better if people die accidentally for no purpose. (Why are people constantly driving somewhere? Where do they need to go?) But concentration camps had a noble purpose and there was an end in sight to all the gruesome slaughter in KZs. This cannot be said for the horrendously wasteful US transportation system, as companies are determined to keep us consuming cars forever.

In The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism, first published in 1932 (copies are freely available on the internet), Mussolini writes, "Fascism, now and always, believes in [human] actions influenced by no economic motive...". Hitler laments in Mein Kampf, that prior to World War I, Europe seemed on its way to becoming one big department store. He describes the Jews as petty and selfish, always quarreling among themselves. Only when a great enemy appears do they show solidarity. The Aryan, on the other hand, is unique in his capacity for self-sacrifice.

A favorite argument used to prove how wrong Hitler's racial theories are is to point to the findings of modern genetics and DNA sequencing. But in the early 20th century, Hitler's emphasis on genetics did not blatantly contradict the scientific consensus. This was a time when the eugenics movement was popular in the US and leading scientists considered men from primitive societies akin to half-ape half-man. A true neo-Nazi does the same as Hitler and embraces the latest scientific consensus. Look again at how Hitler defined Jews and Aryans. He described cultural traits, which are determined by memes rather than genes. Therefore, Hitler's ideology can remain nearly unmodified! We just need to take into account that race is defined by memes rather than by genes. But wait, doesn't this mean that his concentration camps were misguided? Not at all. There's actually little harm done is selecting for blond-haired blue-eyed humans. It's not required, but overkill is okay. It's the lack of deliberate selection that is the true evil in the world.

Deliberate control and conscious decision-making symbolize order and organization, and thus extropy. Freedom and equality symbolize randomness and disorder, and thus entropy. Nazi ideology is the most advanced and intelligent ideology that has ever come to power. Its principles hold the key to creating a great vision for man.