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Profile of fish1970, vancouver, (37 y.o.):

Genetically, I'm nearly identical to a Chimpanzee. However, I obtained a Masters degree in biology, have interest in evolutionary psychology and in history, enjoy hiking, cycling, xc-skiing and potlucks at home with friends.

I'm looking for long-term friends and hiking / skiing / badminton companions, males or females, who are educated and with diverse interests. Also, no man has signed his life with me yet, so that position is open.

Balance is important. This was common knowledge for centuries. We follow Hippocrates in this regard (ca. 460 BC ca. 370 BC). Hippocrates idea was popularized by Galen (131-201 AD), and Galen was church doctrine. The human body is composed of basic substances, and as long as these are held in balance, we are healthy. These are of course the four humors: black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. Medical treatment consists of restoring the balance of the humors. There's nothing some good ancient herbs, blood letting and purging can't cure. Right?

If you believe in creationism, intelligent design, astrology, homeopathy, healing stones, energy manipulation, flying saucers, psychic powers, numerology, telekinesis, fortune telling, tarot cards, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, or if you ever had an extraterrestrial encounter - I'm sure you're a very nice person and all but please apply elsewhere for a date.

If you don't have basic understanding of the scientific method, you are susceptible to every kind of dogma, whim, coercion, or dangerous infectious idea that's around. A book you should read:
Why people believe weird things: pseudoscience, superstition, and other confusions of our time / Michael Shermer

Here are a few other books that gave me a brain massage:
The best American science and nature writing (a yearly series)
The Moral Animal / Robert Wright
The Blank Slate / Steven Pinker
An Anthropologist on Mars / Oliver Sacks

I'm self-proclaimed as dependable, honest, logical, investigative, loyal, amiable, kind, reflective and self-conscious.
My stats: 5'4"(163 cm), 115lbs(52 kg). Indeed, my body mass index is perfect, and it's likely genetic.

Thanks for dropping by and good luck.

09/15/2007 (by ihatethemall)
subject: analysis (verdict) of your profile

You have no idea what kind of contempt I feel for you. You say you're logical and investigative, but I can prove that you're a fake.

The problem is that you copied the scientific mindset without independently deriving it yourself. As a result, you copy all its glaring oversights. You're no better than the generations of people who lived between the time of Hellenistic Greece and the Rennaissance and had little to add to the teachings of Aristotle. It's not that the oversights are hard to figure out. The Greeks thought of themselves as passive observers and didn't realize what more they could do to further science. (The same is true today.)

Scientists today pursue science in the most stupid way imaginable. Why do they stuff their little brains with as much information as possible? Just look at the way Einstein engrossed himself in contemplation to advance physics. Then, later, alarmed by what physics led to, he becomes an activist for world peace. It's totally absurd. We know today that scientific discoveries will happen anyway. If you personally don't discover something, someone else will.

From a strategic perspective, everything scientists do today is irrelevant. The only thing of strategic relevance is preventing a deadlock like we had 65 million years ago before a meteor crashed into the Yucatan peninsula and ended an evolutionary stalemate.

How can you pursue a degree in biology and not conclude that our society is ugly? Daniel C. Dennett remarks in Freedom Evolves that our bodies are a highly fascistic organization of individual cells. Then he stops, afraid to take the thought further. Just look at how many people are employed through internet dating alone. Wouldn't a single website be better? 98% of the economy is plain stupid. Every individual competes against every other. But if you think that the fascistic organization of cells (life) is beautiful, wouldn't a fascistic organization of people be even more so?

How can you study evolution in such depth (i.e. read Robert Wright's The Moral Animal) and then continue believing that freedom (individuals senselessly competing against each other with no direction or intelligent guidance) is desirable? How lacking in vision and passion do you have to be to feel blase about it all?

As a scientist, you have the intelligence to create a competitive advantage for yourself over creationists and astrologers. Instead you smile and wish them luck while they reproduce faster than you.

I may seem impersonal and distant, but I'm not afraid to reveal every personal detail about me (I have no secrets). Psychological self-analyses, past correspondence, I have CDs full of info about myself. It's you guys who always hide yourself behind fake smiles and superficial friendliness, while always revealing the least amount of personal information possible so you can appeal to the broadest possible audience. You're disgusting.

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