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Today, 100% of humans have been indoctrinated with the contemporary ideology. This ideology says "Life is absurd. Too bad. You've gotta make the best of it." I am the author of every website that expresses views to the contrary.

How can you be the only one who rejects the contemporary ideology? None of the ideas you express are new. I've heard them all before.

The uniqueness of competitive ideology lies in its rejection of all ideas that are incompatible with it. Its essence is a feeling, an emotion. The desire to compete on the same side against the enemy.

Why don't you talk to people?

Because it's no different from talking to Alice.

What are you afraid of?

Talking to them is harmful. You train yourself to think like them.

But how do you know that humans have not yet attained intelligence?

Intelligent beings arrive at the same conclusions. Not at individual opinions.

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